Why choose a name?

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I had been for 20 years a corporate employee, with an employee number, a job title (I usually crafted it myself  as it was a new position)… On my business cards my first and last name were always written under a great brand name…

(I will see if I can find my old business cards to show you…)

I had worked with or encountered big consultancy firms such as Bain and Company, BCG, Mc Kinsey, Accenture, Bearing Point…and must admit I left I was different from their consultants : I had lived the digital revolution from the start and from the inside… I had done or led teams that did the new digital projects… I did not relate much to the consultants.

So, when I decided I wanted to be independant and provide consultancy to brands I first though about clients, issues they had, services I could provide : that was exciting!

Soon after, I realized I needed a company, a structure to get paid… One easy solution was to simply use my name and add “Consultant” or “Consulting” next to it. However it did not feel right. I felt like an imposter using this job title so bluntly.

I did not wish to use my own name. What if I partnered with another consultant? And I could see myself speaking to a crowd saying : “hello, I am Perrine from Perrine Corvaisier SARL”. It is not only quite a mouthful but it sounded pretentious to my ears.

I needed to take time to think of a name that would be meaningful, internationally understandable… I needed a “proper” company name… To issue bills, to write on my recommendations and to feel I was “established”.

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Now, how I ended up with DOMINO 28 is a another story.

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