Why “DOMINO” ? reason #1

One lit bulb among unlit ones.

Once I decided I needed a “proper” name for my “structure” or “company”, I started using a methodology I had experienced in the past : do not keep the topic far from your mind, have a Note ready to welcome all good ideas, and think about it day and night…. I wish I could have applied an IDEO methodology which I admire but I had little time and no budget to spend on this issue.

So I started the brainstorm mode, by myself, with my husband, with friends. I filtered every proposal that sounded appropriate with INPI, Google and Gandi to check name and domain availability. It turned out that my preferred names were all taken. This first batch was around the fact that digital was “blended” in the business strategies and operations…

In a second round attempt, I focused more on the impact of digital. We played around the words associations  (digiSomething…, EfficAndMore…) with no great outcome.  I wished for a positive touch to the name, so “Chain reaction” was wiped out…But it led to the domino effect.

It sounded right from the start :

So “DOMINO” it was going to be!



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