Why “DOMINO” ? reason #2


The first image that came to my mind with DOMINO was the videos on which you see a big installation of titles which are set up in such a way that one move has an effect on all. And those I prefer are the ones which end up showing a great picture. Check out this one!

To me, it looks like the impact of change in a corporate organisation. To manage a shift of strategy, like digital can sometimes be, all tiles (all departments, teams, structures, P&L) need to be aligned to receive the impact (the vision, the strategy, the guideline) and impact the next in line (through their operations or chain of commandment).

Sometime titles do not just create a new image, but just collapse or break. (like in this video). But in organizations, a little disruption or change management might happen but in the end  it can be beneficial altogether…

So the image of the Domino Effect linked to DOMINO made me stick to this name.


But that is not the only reason I find interesting the name DOMINO.

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