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My contribution to save marketers from schizophrenia

“Are you on Periscope?” “Never heard of Blab?” “What is your strategy for Meerkat?” “Do you advertise on Snapchat ?” “How many followers on your WeChat?” “Do you think Telegram is an effective way to reach Russian millennials?”   Originally published on Pluris Medias Image brands with products or services to promote on social media are[…]

Campagne : Sushi Shop propose des baguettes pour gauchers

For my english readers, sorry this post is in French. It is not translatable as it is about a digital campaign which uses humor and quibbles. Sushi Shop est mon pourvoyeur de sushis à domicile depuis plusieurs années, c’est même eux qui m’ont réconcilié avec la cuisine japonaise, parce que ce n’est pas tellement japonais… D’habitude[…]